Still No Answers

The Orlando Shooting is apparently yesterday’s news but I still think it extremely relevant.

My simple questions have yet to be answered:

  • Where is Omar Mateen’s wife? Where did they stash her?
  • Where is the CCTV footage?
  • Why is there complete silence about Orlando from the Feds, the hospital staff, the first responders and the witnesses?

Seems like there is something that is being covered up, if so, how frightening is the truth?

However, at this point nothing surprises me. Look at the release of the “28 Pages” and the Saudi ties and the all of a sudden Turkish Military coup attempt. I would say that’s a heck of a big coincidence. Then again as my favorite Seinfeld character of all time, Rava said, “That’s what a coincidence is! There are no small coincidences and big coincidences!”

Will we ever get any semblance of the truth?

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