Why, Oh Why?

I don’t want to blame Paul Manafort because he intimidates me a little bit but I suppose the final choice was that of Donald Trump. Mike Pence. What. The. Heck.

I think Trump needs to back out of this. I just think of  Arrested Development while a Bluth says, “I’ve made a huge mistake.” Donald, my boy, you can still weasel out of this horrendous pick. Don’t be Walter Donovan, be Indiana Jones!

I understand that Trump needed an “insider” but there is no rhyme or reason to the Pence pick. It’s baffling.

In my perfect world it would have been a Trump/Sessions ticket but my dear Jeffrey needs to remain in the Senate.

My next pick for a Trump running mate was Scott Brown. He’s an “insider” but with a hint of f-off attitude that compliments the entire Trump persona. He would be a great sidekick.

Mr. Trump, I implore you to ditch the zero (Pence) and get with the hero (Brown.)

Also, take a tip from Conspiracy Theory Ruth, what they did not accomplish with the Reagan assassination attempt, they most certainly will with you sir. A President Pence would be a great puppet.

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