Running Mate

There is a lot of buzz around who Donald Trump should pick as a Vice Presidential running mate. I think he should not go with somebody who is a career politician. I think that he should stick with his upheaval of the system, down with the insiders zest by going with an outsider.

Who should that outsider be? Me.

It would be perfect. I would silence everybody that screams that he is this and that in one fell swoop.

Trump’s an anti-Semite! I’m Jewish.

Trump’s sexist! I’m a woman, not much of one, but a woman none the less.

Trump hates immigrants! Hi, first generation here, daughter of immigrants.

Plus nobody would dare attempt assassinate him if I was VP, I’d make his ¬†immigration policies look like the Gang of Eight. Not to mention my belief in no government welfare. (People should be helped via charitable organizations, not on the government dole.) Also, I would push to end Women’s Suffrage.

I believe a Trump-Mazo ticket would be a winner.

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