More Questions


I still have questions about what happened in Orlando a month ago and now after Dallas I have even more.

As far as Orlando I would like to still know:

  • Where is Omar Mateen’s wife? Where did they stash her?
  • Where is the CCTV footage?
  • Why is there complete silence about Orlando?

Now a month later, this horrific event occurs in Dallas.

Again I have questions:

  • How could one person do this (which is also the same question I have about Orlando) as it was very coordinated?
  • The shootings occurred from two buildings that were owned by Muslim Arabs, which is rather suspect, so was this more than a case of domestic terrorism?
  •  Where are the others that were involved in planning this and why have they not been detained? If they are at-large then who should people be looking out for?

I know it sounds conspiracy nuttish but if we’ve learned anything in the last few years is that we are told nothing that is remotely accurate. (Benghazi attacks were because of a YouTube movie, come on, give me a break!) I used to believe that our government would disclose some truth while obviously not being able to give away everything for a variety of reasons.

Now, it is clear that when they tell us “what really happened” it is nothing but disinformation, none of it is remotely close to the truth.

The last time they told us it was a lone shooter in Dallas we bought it, lets not make the same mistake this time around.

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