China Wins Again

I was brushing up on one of my favorite topics, ruthless dictators, when I realized that my go-to guy was really upstaged body count-wise. I understand that dictators are very bad people but I’m always intrigued to learn about them because I feel like if a few factors went differently in my life, I could be one of them. I do meet a lot of the criteria to be right up there with some of the famed dictators but I have low self-esteem which prevents me from ever being a total¬†megalomaniac.

As awful as it sounds there are some things I admire about certain dictators. Like with Hitler, I know, total shanda as a Jew, I like that he was a total creep sexually even with his weirdo penis.

I like Stalin because his birthday is the day before mine and his mustache reminds me of my father’s.

I always thought Josef was way more hardcore then Adolf because way more pepople died becuase of him. I mean, death toll is the biggest gauge of deciding who is a brutal dictator.

Then I remembered Mr. Mao Zedong.

He makes Stalin look like a faggot and Hitler like a joke.

China gets the win on this one but Stalin still had the better hair and stache!


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