Six Degrees of Separation


Somebody has to know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody that can hook me up with Brian De Palma. I don’t believe in marriage but I would marry him, not for money but for love. I’m obsessed with this guy, not in a  Paul Snider way, like in a healthy sort of mesmerized by him sort of way. Just like Tom Hagen said to Jack Woltz, “I admire his pictures very much.”

De Palma is a genius, a single genius might I add. Time is of the essence here people. The lovely Mr. De Palma is not getting any younger. Tick tock!

I don’t want any money or anything like that. I want something far more priceless, stories. I want to hear about everything and everybody. I want to know about the backstory and behind the scenes of so many of his movies.

Honestly, I loved so many of his films but even if he only made  Phantom of the Paradise  and nothing else I would have just as much appreciation for him.

So help me out already! By the way, if you do have some connection to the Great De Palma let him know I’m a creep sexually, that may help my cause.

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