It’s Gross

Get me a barf bucket immediately! Bitches have always made me sick but now guys make me want to puke just as equally. Why? Social media. Men seem to be posting lovey-dovey cutesy pictures with their chicks with sissy hashtags like love this girl and funniest person ever. ICK and insert the Chunk vomit noise from The Goonies.

This is the shit that women do, NOT men! What are they thinking?

Women post shit like this because they are trying to impress their dumb bitch friends. This is a feminine thing, a dude that posts stuff like this is half a sissy for sure, like borderline fruity. As they say, it’s not a good look.

Men who are posting goofy pictures with their chicks, riddle me this, if you have all this evidence that you’re really with a girl then how do you get your side chicks? There’s legit photographic evidence that you have a girl that you’re with, a indisputable paper trail. This is astonishing!

Even if you’re a dude and you’re super into a girl you can’t be like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch, it’s gross. If you’re a guy in a serious relationship you can’t look like you’re more into your girl than she’s into you. If your girl knows she’s got you then she’ll be in charge and miserable and you’ll be even more miserable.

Stop posting corny pictures on your social media with your chicks, let them have this, they can corner the market on this sort of foolish, embarrassing display.

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