Not To Be Alex Jones On This

I’m not a conspiracy theory nut or anything, though I do rather enjoy Alex Jones and InfoWars, but can we stop  and ask a few questions about the Pulse Night Club attack in Orlando? It has been three weeks since this happened and we have virtually no accurate information about what occurred. Here are a few quick questions:

  • Where is Omar Mateen’s wife?
  • Where is the CCTV footage?
  • Why are there no interviews of people that were at the club that night other then the few that were done immediately after the incident?
  • Why is the FBI asking law enforcement agencies who responded to Pulse to withhold records from the public?
  • Why did Seddique Mateen have multiple visits the State Department?

These are just a few tip of the iceberg questions. It is rather glaring that none of these have been answered.

I personally don’t understand how none of the people there tried to rush Mateen. I mean, if there was only one person in there shooting and you know there’s a good chance you may not survive, wouldn’t a bunch of them try and just bum rush him and disarm him?

By the way, all the information we do have has been disinformation, like the whole plot line of Mateen being gay and struggling with his sexuality. (This is a jacked subplot from Season 2 of the old program on Showtime Sleeper Cell.)

So what really happened? We are not even remotely close to knowing the truth on this. The bone chilling factor is if this is indeed a major cover up then how horrible is the truth of the matter?

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