It’s Too Much

Since when do fat girls have this much confidence? They shouldn’t. Honestly, fat people in general should have zero boldness, I say this as a fat person who lists self-loathing as a hobby and almost skill. At least most fat guys either have money or are funny so they can still be sort of cocky. Fat girls, especially this new brash faction, have nothing to offer, well, except for more of her to love.

These heifers offer nothing, no personality, no housekeeping skills (the irony of a whale of a woman not being able to cook!), no allowing you to fuck other, less fat women. So since they have nothing that makes them appealing then where in the world do we get these pigs that think they are God’s gift?

I am as equally perplexed as I am revolted by this new phenomenon. This is what happens when they try and prop up famous fat people as role models. I’m sorry but if I was famous and had money I would look like I just wintered in Sobibor. You have the access to the best trainers and gyms, not to mention you have the funds to buy really healthy food products. At the very least, you have the cash to have all your lard sucked out at some Beverly Hills nip-tuck.

Putting a kibosh on this fatty self-assurance is far past due.

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