Can I Use It?

So it seems that in this country there’s a word that’s super taboo that white people aren’t to use but black people can use freely and frequently. Now, I understand why this is s touchy subject. The way black people were treated in this country was horrific. I completely understand why blacks do not want whitey using it. However, I think I should totally be able to use it, well, I already do use it but I should be able to use it as freely and frequently as blacks. Before you all lose your minds, let me state my case.

First, I’m not white. I’m a Jew. Pure bread. According to Aryans and well, even this country up until the 1970’s, Heebs were not classified as white.

Second, I’m first generation. My parents got here in 1980. My family had nothing to do with ill treatment of the black community. If anything, they get it, Jews were like the blacks of the U.S.S.R.

Third, I have purchased a large amount of rap music over the years. I think we all know that particular musical genre seems to be peppered with this particular word. I don’t want to say that I’ve earned the right to use this word because I’ve paid for it because that seems borderline slavery-ish but I have been a patron to this art.

Lastly, I think it’s just a fun word to say. Richard Pryor and Patrice O’Neal make it seems so great, like it really rolls off the tongue.

I think I should totally be able to use it without the restrictions that I have currently. I mean I shouldn’t have to be only allowed access to the word when I’m rapping along to a song or when a black person totally infuriates me.

Just an FYI, I rarely use the hard “r” version of the word.

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