How Do You Shake Your Head At That?


I was chitchatting with a girl and I made a joke to her about her sucking her boyfriend’s dick. She shook her head and said, “Gross, I don’t do that!” What. Did. You. Just. Say. Bitch?

I am appalled by this. How are you going to be dating somebody for almost a year and you don’t blow them? No wonder why this girl isn’t married but wants to be. I would never sign off for a till death do us part knowing that I’m never getting blown. Who doesn’t give head? It’s 2016, can you believe this shit?

I don’t think I’m like super dirty sexually but oral sex is so basic. If a guy was like I don’t eat pussy I would tell him to kick rocks. I once completely stopped talking to a guy that I was hooking up with for a while because after I blew him I went in for a kiss (which is really the only time I like to kiss anybody) and he was like, “Ew, no, ” and pushed me away. What’s that shit? I swallowed the cum. What are you a sissy?

I don’t get it. How can you just not give blow jobs? Like sometimes it is just way easier than having to go through the entire full on sex production. How can you be expected to spend forever with a person who refuses to perform that sexual act? I would be out of there so fast I would leave a cartoon dust cloud in my wake.


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