I’ve Thought About It

Do you ever think that if what you were saying inside your head was ever publicly revealed you would be in heaps of trouble? Guilty as charged.

I love talking shit about people, you know, horribly mocking them but internally, like it’s not for anybody’s ears, it’s purely to entertain myself. I know they don’t know what I’m thinking about them. However, have you ever been internal shit talking somebody and then they stand near you, like at the gym and they hop on a machine right next to you or a store and then they get in line behind you?

I get so uncomfortable. I know they have zero idea about the horrendous things I was thinking about them but I get the nervousness as if they somehow did.

I hope the day never comes where people have chips implanted to read minds because I would be severely beaten and rightfully so.

I know, you’re thinking, well maybe you shouldn’t be thinking such negative things about strangers to begin with, but deconstructing and dissecting people based on appearance and mannerisms in a brutal fashion is seriously such a good time. It’s like a hobby that helps your mental agility, like Sudoku.

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