I Live For the Applause, Applause,Applause

When I look at social media pages of young women there seems to be a common question, “What can I do to get famous?” Appalling enough in and of itself but it seems that a common answer is “sex tape.” Oh boy! Not only is that a hack response, it’s not even going to get you famous, unless you are already famous, the Hilton/Kardashian days of cunt flashing into the spotlight are behind us. I have a couple of great ideas for these young women who seek the limelight so desperately.

  1. Find a cure to a disease. I would say that if you could research a cure for almost any disease that is currently out there, you would be pretty famous. Plus it would be way nicer for mom and dad to admit that their daughter found a cure for Zika, then you know, lets say was fucked on camera by Fetty Wap.
  2. Get a skill. Get really great at something, singing, writing, design, marketing, engineering.  It can be anything that you are passionate about and have some skill with. Develop this skill till you are the best in the field, the fame will follow.
  3. Start a charitable organization. Find a cause that you want to be a part of and give back. If you are wondering about the fame part, there’s always some celebrity that wants to shill for a charity to look like they are not complete narcissists.
  4. The old fashioned way. Marry somebody who is already famous. I guess you don’t even have to marry them but get in a long term relationship and make sure there are many camera ops during your love affair. This is probably the best option for hot girls who have zero smarts so they have to default to the pussy fallback. Hey, you have to work with what God gave you.

So there you go, you want fame and notoriety, there are some reasonable options.

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