I Blame Men

Do you currently detest the climate of this country? You know, where anything you say or do is sexist, racist or whatever other ridiculous label that gets thrown around? I fucking hate it. This is precisely what happens when women are running the show. We have a super-feminized culture and it’s making me physically ill. The misandry is running rampant. However, there is no one else to blame for this sad state of affairs aside from men.

Men, you need to be constantly checking women on their stupid nonsense and you clearly have all dropped the ball. I do my part, I shut down the stupidity in a heartbeat. You have to be vigilante. You give them an inch with their malarkey and they’ll take a mile. I’m not saying that this is an easy task but you have to constantly be on your toes. You all let women have too much power and now we have this culture where everything is being policed and it fucking stinks!

Men, why have you allowed this de-balling to occur? It’s like a genocide is happening to you and you’re willingly falling into line. Don’t you guys remember when you ran shit? It was way more fun. People could say what they wanted to, movies could have tons of violence and nudity and swearing, nerds weren’t representative of a male role model and the big one here, bitches listened to you when you put your foot down. Nothing good ever happens when a bunch of women get together, I implore you to rise up and put a kibosh on this insanity that is ruining lives.

Men, please, become Alpha again! You need to be steering the ship. Women are clearly confused without your guidance and this is why we are all in this mess. Women don’t want a beta cuck pussy, they want somebody that is strong. I promise you that if you stifle a woman’s craziness, nip it in the bud immediately, be an asshole about it too, she will be into you. I know they say you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar but not in the case of females because they are nuts. This is what I’m telling you, they have a mental illness, they are sick, you need to give them their medicine.

Men, the time is yours to reclaim dominance. Please do so.

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