P.S. I Hate You

I hate you for fucking my family. Yes, literally, my entire family. You fucked my husband, my brother and my sister. You are a whore! I hated you before you fucked any of them but I did not have a reason to. I pretended as if I liked you and thought you were funny and cool because all the other guys did and I did not want them to think I was a jealous irrational woman but I hated you from the beginning. You made my blood boil and skin crawl.

At least now I have a reason to hate you. You have showed that you truly are a shitty person. Of course, the only problem is that I can’t tell other people why you are so awful because I would look like a loser that could not keep her husband sexually satisfied. That’s fine though, I just make up a bunch of other shit about you and tell every single person that we mutually know.  Maybe it is not the truth but does it really matter? Either way, you’re garbage.

I will hate you until the day I die because I have zero self-awareness. You fucking my family is wrong. Me fucking married men who happen to be friends with my husband is just evening the playing field. In case you didn’t get the message, I hate you.

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