Nobody Cares That He’s A Sociopath

They say the real you comes out when you are intoxicated. I believe this to be true. That is why I have deduced from your drunken actions that you are a complete sociopath, yet nobody seems to mind. You kicked a homeless man in the face, it was a hard kick too. Who do you think you are Patrick Bateman? “Why don’t you get a job?” I think we all know that character was far from the epitome of mental health. Hello? The title says it all, American Psycho. PSYCHO! I’m not saying your a full fledged psychopath but you are no doubt a sociopath.

You are very charming and funny. Everybody seems to like you. I have never heard a person say a bad word about you. Well, that’s something from the sociopath handbook for sure. Wasn’t Ted Bundy described as charming? Yes, I know, he’s another psychopath. I just refuse to commit to the idea that you would actually murder a person.

Well, maybe you would.

Maybe you are a psychopath.

That being said, I’m not drinking with you anymore. Or at least until you are no longer a bad drunk.

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