That Side of Paradise

I’ve had it with these Club Members. These people are complete swines, not to mention cheapskates. I can’t believe that people with so much money would act like this. They are just as bad as the drunk in a local bar, only they hide behind their expensive suits and cars. They physically disgust me.

I have worked here for thirty years and I’m so sick and tired of serving and cleaning up for these animals. They do not tip and are all sloppy drunks. They have horrendous table manners. They are wasteful pigs who want everything for free even though they have millions upon millions of dollars.

I wish they had lost everything in the financial crisis. If anybody deserves to be poor it’s these people. They have no respect for themselves or for other people. They make it very obvious about my station in life. They have no qualms about making sure that all the people that work here are well aware that they are below them financially. Though I’m sure they  believe we are below them in general.

They are all awful people. It takes all my will power not to smash a freshly poured Scotch glass over their skulls.

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