Very Brief Interviews With Very Hideous Women: Liz

Q. Now that you and James have reconciled, how will the relationship be different this time around?

Liz: Well, James did forgive me for my dalliances and I also forgave him for being angry with me about them. I think that our relationship is going to by way stronger now that everything is out in the open. James gave me back the engagement ring. Well, actually, he traded in the old one and got a new one, that was even nicer and re-proposed to me. He is so sweet. I know he has put everything behind him and he fully trusts me. I even met up with his boss so we could put the awkward situation behind all of us. I think it went well and we are all on the same page now and ready to move forward, though his boss did finger fuck me on the cab ride home but that’s not really cheating.

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