Very Brief Interviews With Very Hideous Women: Lori

Q. What was the Lisa “situation” about?

Lori: Oh God, Lisa, please, spare me. She was a wife of one of the guys I’ve been sleeping with. She found out about it and totally went mental. I couldn’t believe it. Get a grip on yourself woman, to lose it like that over any man is just pathetic, she needs to get a life. So Lovely Lisa decides she’s going to show up at my place of work and confront me, yeah, that’s not totally insane. No wonder her husband was fucking me, she’s clearly a nut job. I was more embarrassed for her to be perfectly honest. She basically admitted in front of a bunch of strangers that she can’t satisfy her husband. Sad. She was so hysterical my co-workers actually felt bad for me. Maybe if Lisa had something going on in her life other than pining away for her husband then she wouldn’t have had a complete meltdown. Her husband isn’t even that great in bed, I mean he’s solid but I’ve had way better.

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