Very Brief Interviews With Very Hideous Women: Deb

Q. Why did you get escorted out of the bar last night?

Deb: Apparently, I was “causing a scene.” I found out that my ex and his new girlfriend are engaged. Can you believe that shit? They haven’t even been together that long and he’s going to marry her? What an asshole? He told me that he didn’t believe in marriage when we were together. He’s such a fucking liar. He says that I’m a total psycho, okay, well at least I’m not a compulsive liar like him. Anyway, I ran into the newly engaged couple and I just wanted to congratulate them but they were like super rude and dismissive of me. Like, hello, I’m being the bigger person here. So things got a bit heated and I was removed from the bar by some cunt bouncer. What the fuck ever, fuck my ex, fuck his new fiancee, fuck their engagement, the marriage will never last if it even happens, and fuck the bouncer too!

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