Very Brief Interviews With Very Hideous Women: Amy

Q. Many in your circle are attending Cannes, why have you opted out?

Amy: Honestly, it’s just a bunch of Hollywood faggots. Like, yeah, sure they have money or whatever but I can’t stand those movie people. They’re fucking morons. It’s just like, shut up, you make movies, and they aren’t even good. Stop pretending like you’re somebody great. That’s why I fuck rich guys that made their money through some sort of real business venture. All the actors are a bunch of closet cases and all the producers aren’t worth fucking. Their looks to money ratio can’t be rationalized, maybe if they had way more money but I’m not going to let somebody who is borderline wealthy that’s like five feet tall, pudgy and balding fuck me just because their changed to sound way less Jewish last name appears on some credits. Gross, make more money and then I’ll think about it.

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