Very Brief Interviews With Very Hideous Women: Liz

Q. Why did you sleep with your fiancee’s boss?

Liz: Well, it just sort of happened, you know? It’s not like Jacob and I are married yet. It’s not like his boss is going to tell him that we had sex. I mean the secret is safe. I slept with Robert because we’ve always had like this sexual chemistry and it was like fate. We were both at the same bar at the same time by freak accident and one thing led to another. Robert just exudes this Alpha-male confidence, how couldn’t I sleep with him? If anything, he’ s sort of the asshole who is at fault here, what kind of person sleeps with their employee’s girlfriend? He knows we are engaged. I mean, Robert was fun but now that we have been together the allure has passed. I’m still totally marrying Jacob.

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