Very Brief Interviews With Very Hideous Women: Deb

Q. Why was the restraining order issued against you?

Deb: Um, because my ex’s new girlfriend is a total psycho! She thinks I’ve been stalking them, like really? How self-involved is she that she would think that I would have any interest in following her around. It’s not like she was the one I dated. Sorry to break it you honey but we live in a small town and our paths are going to cross. How embarrassing that you think I give a shit about you. Whatever, she’s a total psycho. I’m sure David is super happy with her. Love how he said I was nuts, um, okay, your new girlfriend is clearly delusional. Fuck him and fuck her! I hope they both die in a raging fire in their new little love nest. Seriously, I mean it, like I hope they burn alive. I can’t believe what a fucking psycho she is!

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