Very Brief Interviews With Very Hideous Women: Susan

Q. Why do you continue your affair with your brother-in-law?

Susan: Because my sister is a total cunt. I mean, I don’t even know how Colin even married her in the first place. She was always so unbearable, even when we were kids. Colin is trapped with her and won’t leave because of the twins. I mean, I didn’t start this, he did. Colin actually waited for my divorce from Nicholas to be finalized before he made his move. I love the way he fucks me, I know he doesn’t fuck that cunt the way he fucks me, well, mainly because he hasn’t touched her in almost a year. Colin and I were meant to be together. I really believe they met and got married so that we could find each other, it was like a sick twisted sort of fate. I will always continue this with him, he was meant for me, not that selfish pig. Honestly, I’m so close to convincing him on walking out on them and moving away with me to Monterey. That’s really our destiny.

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