Very Brief Interviews With Very Hideous Women: Deb

Q. Why did your ex break up with you?

Deb: Well, he said that I was too crazy for him, that I was like a stalker or something? Um, whatever, the only reason I had to look through his phone and stuff was because I didn’t trust him. I wasn’t stalking him, I was seeking out the truth. Maybe he shouldn’t have done shit that would make me distrust him. Like, why did he have all these other girls’ phone numbers? Also, like why would he need to be DMing random girls on Twitter. Yeah, so I hacked into his SnapChat but with good reason, I needed to know if he was fucking other girls. I’m not crazy, he made me have to act like that. If he wasn’t super sketch about shit then I wouldn’t have had to do all that stuff. Whatever, I know he’s a piece of shit, like five minutes after he broke up with me he already had another girl, I guess they just moved in together, according to her Insta. Good luck, hope she has some great detective skills because he’s a psycho.

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