Very Brief Interviews With Very Hideous Women: Lori

Q. Why do you only date married man?

Lori: Well, I don’t like that you ask that with that tone. Like, I’m some awful person. It’s not my fault that the wives of these men can’t satisfy them. I’m not looking for a commitment, I’m looking to fuck and married men like to fuck, as long as it isn’t their wives. Plus, they are super sweet because you don’t have to deal with any  relationship issues with them, it’s purely sexual. They feel so guilty that they over-compensate in their niceness with me. I’m sure the fact that they think I could really ruin their lives with one bombshell probably keeps them in check too. Like, I’m sure these women know that their husbands are cheating on them but are in denial, they are cuckolded. Whatever, I’m sure their kids give them some meaning to their otherwise pathetic existence. I mean, like I don’t blame the men, can you imagine having to fuck a pussy that has spit out like three kids? It must be a disaster. My pussy is kid free and tight, also, it doesn’t hurt that I give up the asshole. Maybe these dumb women should stop being selfish and take a dick in their asses every so often.

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