You Make Me Sick

They will claim it is misogyny but it is merely stating fact.  A woman is nothing unless she has a man because she does not know who she is without one. Have you ever listened to a conversation between a group of women? Vacuous. Their discussion revolves around inconsequential topics. Insipid. I’m being tortured right now because I’m trapped on public transportation with a gaggle of dimwitted slits. Perhaps this was really the reason behind Colin Ferguson’s rampage? If so, I totally get it.

These bitches are a bunch of dunces. I’m sure they will do quite well in their desperate pursuits of attempting to find mates this evening. How much alcohol will these poor bastards have to ply themselves with till they find these whores remotely tolerable? Bitches make me sick. They are worthless holes. Honestly, if men did not need to fuck they would never even speak to a woman. They would have zero need to interact with them ever. It would be paradise.

Holy shit, these cunts are a hideous to listen to. I’ve never prayed for a train to derail so badly as right at this moment. I would rather die then have to be exposed to this nauseating drivel for one more second. Oh thank God, they are getting off the train. Nice tits though.

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