The Green-Eyed Monster

She was like the embodiment of the lyrics of a Rolling Stone’s song. She was perhaps one of the most breathtaking women I had ever seen in real life, like in an actual interaction. She was not beautiful or hot or gorgeous. She legitimately would suck the air out of your body when you laid your eyes on her. She had gorgeous green eyes, the were like a non-human color of green. They were like the green of a black cat. They were so green that they looked fake, as if they were the result of colored contact lenses. They were real. Everything about her was real.

It was impossible to believe that she had committed such heinous acts. She was a child killer. She had killed nineteen children, all girls. They ranged between the ages of seven to ten years old. Although being a serial killer with a concentration on children is far from bizarre it was what would occur after their deaths that was so abhorrent. She would lure the girls with these very intricate, expensive porcelain dolls. She would play tea party with the girl with actual tea and little pastries, all of which were laced with high doses of Rohypnol. When the girl would pass out she would slit her throat. She would then cut off the girl’s right arm from the elbow.  Then she would give her a Glasgow smile and place her back in a seated position on her tea party chair. She would then take the arm and use it for vaginal penetration in order to masturbate.

She was the most vile and the most incredible looking woman I had ever encountered. I had never wanted to fuck somebody so badly and at the same time violently murder them. I could almost feel what it was like to be her.

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