This Is the Last Time

I have attempted to explain the problem with the immigration process in the United States various times. However, people don’t seem to understand my basic analogies. This is the last time I will attempt to break it down in the simplest of terms.

Harvard is the number one college. When people think Harvard, they think number one. Everybody wants to get into Harvard but Harvard only accepts the best of the best. They have a very rigid acceptance process. To get into Harvard you need to prove that you deserve to be there. In some instances, Harvard sees potential and offers financial aid. Harvard does not accept everybody because they don’t need to, they could accept nobody and still have the prestige. They definitely do not need to accept people who are not suited for higher education or that only meet the requirements to get into a community college.

The United States is Harvard. Everybody wants to get in but we don’t need to take everybody. We should only be taking the best candidates, people who have finances and are going to help contribute to our society. We can take some people that may not have all the money in the world but they show potential for doing great things and know that it is a privilege that they got in considering their circumstances so they will be grateful and act accordingly. We do not need people who are not even qualified. If you are coming from a place where you have to be taught how to use a toilet properly, think child brides are acceptable and that raping men, women, children and animals qualifies as a sexual emergency, then I’m sorry, but you’re not passing the admissions process.

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