Dick Reparations

I am trying to find the words to put this gently but I can only be frank, I have fucked a lot of disgusting pigs. There have been some real ghouls to the extent that it isn’t even funny, it’s actually very sad. Let’s just say that if they had a PSA commercial and they flashed pictures of these specimen, Sarah McLachlan would be playing in the background.

I have done my civic duty, my pussy was rather charitable. In fact, you may rival it to the philanthropic efforts of the Rothschild Foundation. I understand that you don’t partake in acts of helping the less fortunate for some sort of return but where is my good karma, pay it forward reward?

I think that due to my giving out pussy to horrible people that I should receive some sort of dick reparations. I deserve some superstar dick for all the low-level dick I took. I mean, I should get to fuck somebody who is super famous. It doesn’t even have to be for public consumption. I just want to do it for the story for myself. It’s enough that I know.

I’m not even being picky about the superstar dick. It can be old superstar dick, Brian De Palma for instance. I would overlook the sagging, loose skin and dry old man mouth to bang him. Plus, I would totally just ask him questions about Phantom of the Paradise the entire time. I would honestly prefer John Milius but I think he’s married and I don’t do that sort of shit anymore.

I think I’m still being quite generous in my expectations. I deserve dick reparations!

Plus, if some guy does this, then it’s really them donating a charitable contribution to a very good cause.

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