Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I think the most difficult hurdle to jump in a post-relationship world is not the loss of the other person being in your life but rather the awareness that this person is going to be doing the exact same stuff with another person. It’s like a slap in the face. They will take them to the same restaurants, same beaches, and same hotels. It will be like your relationship but in a parallel universe. How can they do this with another person when they did it with you first?

The toughest pill to swallow is that you know they are going to be fucking them the same way they fucked you. All the things they did and all the effort you put in to improving their technique will be squandered on some other person. They will reap the fruits of your hard labor! It’s sickening.

Then you really start to mentally wander down the rabbit hole and realize that all the shit they did with you they were doing with the person they were with before you. Talk about a mind fuck. It’s like, wait, I’m not Jaws, I’m Jaws 2. I suppose the only solace is that at least I’m not Jaws 3-D. At least Police Chief Brody reprised his role in the second installment but it’s still not the original. The original had Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw, it was the first ever summer blockbuster, it has the most famous quote of the franchise by Mayor Vaughn, “We need summer dollars!” What does the sequel have? Exactly. Cheap knock off.

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