Creativity Is Dead

Everything and everybody is just a recycled version of something that already existed. When did inventiveness fall by the wayside? It is all so uninspired. I have not experienced anything mind blowing in any media outlet in years, there has been nothing that has made me reflective or energized, it’s all so humdrum.

Why has this occurred?

Is it that  this over-saturated politically correct culture does not allow room for any kind of artistry?

Is it that people are so over medicated on anti-depressants that they are incapable of real feelings and thoughts, hence stunting originality?

Is it that our new cultural critics are people that are more concerned with appeasing the masses then giving an honest critique?

Is it that Generation Like has now permeated into every dimension that does not allow room for anybody to step out of picture perfect boundaries?

All the grit, the messiness, the despair, the trite notion of the starving artist seem to have been erased. Everything is about revenue. Nobody has any integrity. No wonder why everything in the mainstream, comedy, film, television, music, are all passionless.

It’s depressing. It’s stifling. It’s debilitating.

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