Do I Dare?

I would never have paid my hard earned dollars to go see the movie Trainwreck last summer. However, I have now come across quite the conundrum, this piece of what I imagine to be horribly unfunny cinema has been thrust upon HBO in heavy rotation. So the hard hitting question is, do I attempt to view it?

The two reasons I would dare even try and sit through it are Colin Quinn and Dave Attell. I’ve heard Quinn was really good in it and I rather adore him. I am also fond of Attell but I know from watching Pootie Tang, he is not much of an actor. So are these two enough reason to try?

I really feel like this Apatow age of comedy movies has ruined comedy movies. Also, I don’t think I can sit through 120 minutes of Amy Schumer. I fully agree with this genius tweet:

Plus, I’ve really worked hard on putting the kibosh on intentionally watching things or reading things that I know are going to make me extremely angry, as when I finally broke the cycle of hate viewing Girls.

I just don’t know. I think Bill Hader is a pretty good comedic actor but I feel like LeBron James “acting” negates this.

What do I do?

Anybody who has seen it tell me what you think? (I know you fuckers went to see it too, that shit was like the comedy hit of summer of 2015, barf.)

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