I Like My Women How I Like My Milkshakes, Thick

To me, some women are hotter when they have a little bit of meat on their bones. Not full on fatsos but a fuller gal is nice. It is not the case for all women, like I don’t want Amber Heard to gain an ounce but some of these celebrities I find way more attractive with a couple extra pounds on them.

My prime example of this is Nicole Richie. I love thick Nicole. Look at her, she just seems way more fuckable when she leaned towards the rotund end of the spectrum. She conveys the essence of plump girl whorishness, which is super hot. Portly Nicole looks like she would do dirty things and would allow unspeakable acts done to her. Skinny Nicole looks like she would be an uppity cunt in the sack, like the stop, no and don;t sort of mentality. Nobody wants a bony prude with a gaunt twat.

Now one of my all time favorite throwback fatties is Elisabeth Shue. Of course she was not fat per se but in comparison to her later on she was definitely heavy. Her thickness is best displayed in the original Karate Kid. Her meaty legs in her short short playing soccer are unforgettable. Unfortunately she seemed to drop sown to a smaller frame for the likes of Adventures In Babysitting, Back to the Future II and Cocktail. So sad to see her waste away but I suppose the ass gang rape scene in Leaving Las Vegas soothes the pain. 

Last but not least is Lady Gaga. I did not like her when she was super skinny. I do not find her attractive with her 25 pound weight gain either. I liked my Gaga when she first stepped on the scene, when her weight was somewhere in between the emaciated and the tubby, when she was simply thick. Her slightly toned body with that Joe Camel phallic face. I would take the tern “face fuck” to an entirely different level with that doppelganger for that double humped animal.

So you see, some ladies just look way hotter with some extra weight, not tons of fun extra but like I haven;t gone to the gym in a month extra. 

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6 thoughts on “I Like My Women How I Like My Milkshakes, Thick

  1. LincolnTf says:

    Hey, what’s up? I was going to send you a private message but I figured your blog’s comments section was about as private as it could get. (We’ll get back to that later). Anyway, I’m obviously contacting you to ask for a favor, because why else? Fortunately it’s a pretty easy one. i’ve been dicking around with starting a blog myself and I actually really like the format/template you’re using. Before I go back to scanning through all the WordPress options, I was hoping you’d be able to tell me in general terms how you set yours up. Not the tech stuff, just the settings. How much was WP template, what did you have to change/add/move? That sort of stuff. I pretty much want exactly the layout you have, just differtent text/colors/etc. Is there a way I could even “import settings” or something like that?


    • ruthmazo says:

      my theme is called chunk. (the theme is one of the free ones that wordpress offers.
      my site cost $26 initially for the domain name and it is an $18 yearly cost to keep the domain name.
      (you can opt for a free option but then i believe it will have to have blogspot in the name.)
      as for changing the colors and font of the template/theme you would have to get the custom design option which is $30.
      otherwise, i did not move anything around. i just added the twitter and facebook widget to the bottom of the page which is simple to do.
      also i made every social networking sharing icon available after every post.
      also tin the wp store they have other options such as a paid premium theme or the capabilities of posting video which are an additional cost.
      let me know if this helped at all. hope you decide to do the blog!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks. I think I’ll register it the same way you did. Price is reasonable. Hopefully by tonight I’ll have it up and running in some way shape or form.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m a little confused already. Do i choose a “web hosting service” and pay them the money or is that all WordPress? I think I’ll use BlueHost, the top one on their list. is that what you did? it’s 4 bucks a month, not sure if there’s also an upfront fee.


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