Jim Florentine

Yesterday was one of those days for me where I just had to get a little escape from the minutia of my sad little life. You know what I’m talking about, when you just can’t stand to look at the faces of the people you have to see every single day. So I said fuck it, I’ll hit up Mohegan Sun. I wanted a destination where I could smoke inside and see people that are more downtrodden and destitute than myself as a pick me up. (Of course, these sad souls don’t cheer me up, they make me feel more depressed because I can feel their loneliness and sadness radiating off of them.) That’s neither here nor there, so I drove through the monsoon, got to the casino, and found a bit of tranquility by playing Touch Screen black jack. About an hour later when my retinas felt like they were on fire I decided to walk around. I was walking by the box office and stopped at a window and asked them if there were any shows happening and they informed me that Jim Florentine was performing. Well, that’s all I needed to hear, ticket sold. Talk about a cloud with a silver lining. So I solo missioned it to the show like the creep that I am.

Tom Kelly opened and MC’d the show. He is the warm up guy for The View performs around NYC and has a web-based radio show at ThisShowAgain.com as well he has  the site IHateWeddings.com. He crowd worked the crap out of that place. Danny Kelly middled. Something about his style is very Bill Burr-esque, which is a good thing. (I would plug more of the shit he does but he doesn’t have a website or social networking site accounts which I think is fucking awesome because it’s such fucking bullshit anyways.)

I was amped to see Jim Florentine. I saw him open for the Anti Social Comedy Tour in June but his set was not very long. It was like getting comedy blue balled. Now if you don’t know anything about Florentine here is a brief resume synopsis, he was Special Ed and Bobby Fletcher on Crank Yankers, he is one of the hosts of That Metal Show, he has his Comedy Metal Midgets podcast (which I highly recommend, it’s some funny shit),the extremely comical YouTube webseries The Full Hoon co-hosted with the very funny Sherrod Small and  of course he does regular stand-up shows and also has a one man show which he performs as well. He has more jobs than an Irish immigrant in the 1820’s. Florentine’s comedy is best described as bitterly angry with a heaping side of raunchiness, or in shorter terms, fucking funny. He was definitely on point last night with topics ranging from backlash on comedians for offending the general public’s delicate sensibilities, to the shift in terms that are deemed useable in these oversaturated politically correct times, and of course dick jokes.

I don’t know why but for me the funniest part of his set was him getting really irritated about the mic levels. It was just something in his genuine annoyance at the sound person that made me howl. Of course, his entire set was great and the crowd was cool and enthusiastic about his jokes (no groaning, thank God) especially this one fellow who seemed to have a yes or no answer to everything Florentine talked about and also a seven to ten inch dick. (He may have been one of the oddest hecklers I’ve ever experienced.)

So if you want some chuckles make sure to go catch any of these comedians if they’re in your neck of the woods.

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