There was blood everywhere, what had I done? I realized I had made a grave error.

I played back the horrific event in my head. Remembering the appalling experience was like watching a film in slow motion. My ears buzzed with static. I was in a state of shock.

It had started innocently enough; she was a cute girl with long light brown hair, deep green eyes, slightly overweight and decent tits that I met down at Gallagher’s. I bought her some beers, we did some shots of Jack and then we retreated to her apartment. It was a quaint studio that was only a few blocks away from the bar, which is why we went there instead of my loft which was much more luxurious but as they say in real estate, location, location, location. She undressed to only her bra and thong and walked over to her refrigerator to grab us some Budweiser cans. (What kind of trash has cans?) I was leaning against the windowsill and was staring outside at a group of prostitutes that were definitely transvestites. (If things didn’t go well up here I figured I could always pay one of them to get the job done.)

She handed me the can of Bud and looked up with eyes that screamed she was itching to get fucked. I pounded my beer and placed it on the ledge of the window. I grabbed her by her hips and lifted her up a bit and pushed her down on her bed. She said she had to go to the bathroom quickly and to make myself comfortable. I took of my t-shirt and jeans and folded them nicely on a chair by the bed. (They were new John Varvatos that I had bought earlier in the day and wanted to make sure they would not get ruined.) I also took off my Calvin Klein socks which I placed on the back of the same chair. I remained in my black Calvin Klein boxer briefs and sat down on the bed when she finally emerged from the bathroom still wearing her undergarments which were not matching and I found rather bothersome. She came over to the bed and we started kissing and soon we were both completely naked. I could feel the breeze blow over my sweaty body……

I stabbed her continuously. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, writhing around and her limbs flailing. I would not stop either. I just kept thrusting my weapon into her deeper and harder. I could feel the warm blood all over me and that’s when I realized what I had done. It was criminal in my eyes. How could this happen? Why did I do it? What had come over me? I did not finish what I started. I got up and ran into the bathroom while she remained on the bed gasping for air still slightly squirming. I turned the light on and that is when I saw the blood, some of it was fresh and some had already caked itself onto my skin as if it had been there for hours. I wanted to vomit but I contained myself.

Period sex is not for the faint or the weak stomached. I washed myself off in the sink and re-dressed not saying a word. I left her bleeding on the bed, pure swine that she was. I approached one of the prostitutes that was still outside and escorted her into a cab I hailed. I knew there was no chance of menstruation with this scag.

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