You Don’t See That Every Day

The world is very peculiar. Just when you think you’ve seen it all something or someone will cross your path that will make you think, “Wow, you don’t see that every day.” I’m not talking about like if you’re rolling down the street and you see a midget. I mean it is odd to see one here and there but it is not enough to stick in my head to think about or try and process later. (I will say that I have seen more midgets in real life in the last two months than I have in the last five years.) Let’s get back to the point here; some things that you witness are out there. In the great words of C&C Music Factory, these are “things that make you go hmmm.”

About a month ago I’m walking from my train to my job. I’m smoking my cigarette and dreading my death march. I usually just look at the ground as not to have to make any eye contact with passersby. I was about to cross the street so I was forced to look up to make sure there was no oncoming traffic (although getting hit by a car would be a valid excuse to not go into work for the day) when madness catches my eyes. There was an Asian couple with a white baby. Seriously, I’ve never seen that. You show me a white couple with an Asian baby I’m like, so what? I have never gazed upon an Asian couple with a white baby. Awesome! I had so many questions for them. Like did you adopt the white baby as a talking point? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to go with an Asian baby adoption as there are a shit ton of them that are up for adoption? Where was this little white girl that they had taken in as their own from? Unfortunately, these questions will never be answered but I must say I thought that was like the most bad-ass adoption move of all time. Way to flip the script on the game.

When I wait for my train at the station I see a lot of objects that are thrown down below onto the tracks. Some of them are no big deal like bottles of booze or trash. However, there is one object that suddenly appeared on these rails this week. A pair of male Calvin Klein pinstriped boxer briefs. How the f’ers did those get there? I need to know that back-story at once! I have seen other items of clothing on the tracks: hats, mittens, jackets, shirts, socks. I can sort of see how that can happen. I once saw a pair of pants which left me a bit curious but I could see it in a bad moment of drunkenness but to completely lose your under-roos is insanity. How did those knickers get there? Maybe the man was sick of his bloomers and joined my team of going commando? Who knows?

As life goes on I’m sure I will continue to see things that are just strange. It stinks because I’m like a child with millions of questions. I hate when my questions can’t be answered. That’s why these things play over and over in my head because I’m trying to analyze the scenarios and possibly come up with some synopsis as to why or how these things happen. I refuse to just accept these situations of randomness. I will continue in my quest for truth and answers because knowledge is power and by the power of Greyskull! I have the power!

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5 thoughts on “You Don’t See That Every Day

  1. S4L says:

    This past summer i was over in Beijing, just walking around the local street markets, checking out the food choices. I walk to one stand in they have starfish on a stick. I think…that is interesting. However, as I got closer, I began to notice, not only was it a starfish on a stick, it was still alive. Slowly moving. Strange, strange world.


  2. S4L says:

    mmmm chocolate starfish.
    I did not eat it. I chose some other urchin on a stick and it was grilled to perfection.


  3. Jeremy says:

    A random pair of underwear on the ground or in the trash is most always the result of the infamous fart gone wrong….the shart. Shitting your pants is embarrasing enough, but trying to wash our your undies is a BAD MOVE. The resulting wet shitty smelling brown mess will just make your pants wet and smell horrible all day…not to mention the rash. Just remove the soiled garment and dispose. Even a nice $10 pair of Calvins is not worth the trouble versus the whole office knowing you pooped yourdrawers.


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