Say It To My Face

I can’t get over what a bunch of pussies people are turning into. I believe one of the biggest influences of this pussification is the Internet. It is baffling to me how mean people are via this technological forum. I will be watching YouTube videos of some stand-up comedians and when I scroll down to the comments section I am blown away by how insanely mean some of the posts are. I loved Greg Giraldo’s stand-up. I was watching one of his clips and this was after he had passed away. So I look down the comments section and there was this one that was like so fucking hateful and I couldn’t understand how or why a person would say something like that about a total stranger. The comment was something along the lines of Giraldo fucking sucked. Thank God he swallowed all those pills. He did the world a favor. Wow! That’s some seriously angry shit to write. I mean I can understand not being partial to a person’s comedy but to be happy he died is madness. There is no way this person who left that comment would ever dare say this to any of Giraldo’s family members and that’s what annoys the piss out of me. I believe that if you’re going to say something behind my back then you better be able to say it to my face.

All these little fuck tards that are trolling the web think they are tough shit with their harsh words that they type to other people they do not know. It’s so pathetic. It is the definition of being a sissy. They are hiding behind their computers to make themselves feel better. I’m not a fan of bullying but if it’s going to happen it should happen in a face-to-face fashion. Call me a fat cunt to my face not on some message board. Cyber-bullying is like the biggest wimpy, dickless move a person can make. I was technically cyber-bullied once. Here’s the dramatic tale.

So it was 2006 and all of a sudden my phone started blowing up with all these random phone numbers. It was like going crazy off the hook. It was all guys being like, “I’m responding to your ad.” I was like you have the wrong number. So finally one guy called and I was like, “I didn’t put up any ad. People keep calling me. Can you tell me where you got this information?” This poor man was like so uncomfortable but he answered me, “Go to Craigslist, click on Massachusetts, click on the town, click on casual encounters, and go to the fourth one down.” The guy hung up. Well, there I was being prostituted on Craigslist. There were pictures of me that people took off my MySpace page, my real name, and my real phone number. The ad said I was ready to fuck and that I charge $20 per hour but I don’t watch the clock. It was a complete violation.

I think I know who posted that ad. I don’t know for sure because I don’t have proof but I have my suspicions of the real culprits. I always thought that it was so sad that these people hated me that much for no reason yet were such pussies they couldn’t say shit to my face. If this happened in 2012, it would be easy for me to go to the police and have the IP address and find out for sure who did it. Also, since there are laws being implemented about cyber-bullying the people who did this would be in a shit ton of trouble. Looking back six years later, I laugh at the fact that these people were too petrified to confront me in person. I am also thankful that people actually responded to my ad. It would be really embarrassing to know that I would stink in the solicitation game. So to all you cunty twats who think you’re tough leaving dick hole comments why don’t you attempt to say it to a person’s face. It’s not like they could hit you at this point anyway because someone would catch it on camera, upload it to the Internet and then the person throwing punches would get prosecuted for assault. Yet another example of how pussified we are. I don’t believe in physical violence but some of these people need a good whack because they are so desensitized by the fake world of the Internet.

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