What’s Your Dream?

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to all of you. Of course when we think of MLK we associate all he did for pushing forward the civil rights movement in America. He was an activist and a clergyman and a leader.  MLK accomplished more in his brief lifetime then I will ever do in mine. I believe he did so much in breaking down walls in this country. He was a fighter.  His “I Have a Dream Speech” is probably one of the most well-known oratory performances. MLK’s dreams were substantial and were all about the greater good of humanity. Of course, this makes me stop and think about what my dreams are and it makes me realize how horrible I really am because I don’t have any.

When I think of the “I Have a Dream Speech” my diminished little mind that is over-run with years of popular culture doesn’t think about civil rights. My stupidity makes me think of the Rastafarian dude roaming around the streets of Hollywood in Pretty Woman saying, “Welcome to Hollywood! Everybody comes to Hollywood has a dream! What’s your dream? What’s your dream?” (I wish the movie just followed this guy around instead of stupid Julia Roberts. I think it would’ve been a smash hit following this character through his daily routine.) I realize how awful it makes me for denigrating this epic speech by correlating it with a bit character in an over-rated movie but I can’t stop my retarded thought process. I wish I had an answer for the Rasta dude but I don’t know what my dreams are.

I wish that I could be like MLK, this socially aware and responsible person who is active in making the world a better place. I hate that I lack the ability to do anything so selfless. I think we all wish we would be more involved in philanthropic matters and making moves to make the world a more tolerable place. I think I’m such a misanthrope at this point and that I’ve gone beyond the point of no return. I suppose my dream at this point would be that I just want everybody to leave me alone. I want to have the most limited amount of exchanges with others as humanly possible. I do not think this is in the spirit of MLK.

I hope that there are people out there who are as productive as MLK and want to do something to make a change. I really don’t see that realistically happening with this younger generation of kids who are so coddled. These kids are handed everything on a silver platter so I don’t really see them marching anywhere except to get their nails done or to buy a new videogame. It is frightening to realize how self-involved we are all becoming.

What MLK accomplished was heroic and classic. He makes me realize just how unaccomplished and indolent I am. That is why I recognize everything he has done and respect him for all of his hard work. I have contributed nothing to this world except for some random outbursts of cuntiness. I really don’t think that can compete with marching on Washington or starting a Movement that changed history.

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