Just a Day at the Beach

I realize that the winter months are upon us and that we’re all preparing for some snow and cold but I feel the need to inform you of your next beach vacation destination, Mazo Beach. Yes, it is true, there is a beach named Mazo Beach and lucky for us it is located in the good old U.S. of A. It is located in Wisconsin. Are you ready for the kicker here kids? Mazo Beach is the only legal public NUDE beach in the United States. Oh snap!

I know that nude beaches tend to be made up of elderly, floppity people with wrinkles as far as the eyes can see. I am also aware that the people in Wisconsin tend to be on the healthier side, to put it politely. I am still determined to make my pilgrimage to pay homage to this wonder of the world. In my head I truly believe that when I arrive the beach will be loaded with really stacked, smoke show girls. I think that these lovely ladies will come from all over the globe and only the hottest ones would be there as they are representing their countries. It would be like an overly exposed meeting of the U.N.  All of these ladies would be dirty whores as well, who instead of packing bathing suits loaded their bags up with sex toys. You never know, these things happen every day, well in porn, but nonetheless.

I of course will not be getting naked myself as my paleness is blinding and my body is sagging like the testicles of a ninety year old man. I look like an unmolded pile of clay. However, I would go to “look at the breathtaking scenery.” Yes, I’m a creep, I know. So now I’m just killing time on maple drive till the summer months arrive. I will be road tripping my way to the magical Mazo Beach. It will be like my Mecca. I highly suggest if you are planning a summer vacation that you give Mazo Beach a go.

I know that many of you reading this are probably thinking that there’s no way the people on this beach are remotely attractive. Don’t be dream killers. Be dream nurturers. Even if it turns out to be a sand dune with used condoms and polluted water  filled with grotesque nakedness, that’s okay, because isn’t it all about the journey? And the possibility of seeing really great racks?

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