Big Jay Oakerson

Last night my buddy and I drove down to Providence to the Comedy Connection to see the comedic styling of Big Jay Oakerson. It was definitely worth the drive. It was my first time at the Comedy Connection but it was actually a pretty great venue for stand-up, dark and on the smaller side. It was general admission so we got pervert row seating if you will, right up against the stage. Of course the audience in stereotypical comedy club fashion had a bachelorette party (who were shockingly rather sedate), a group of girls celebrating a birthday who were nicely interacting with the comics and the rowdy group of a-holes who were hammered and think they are funnier than the performers.

The opener, Matt something or other, I’m a jackass and don’t recall his last name, was really on point and funny. He had solid jokes but also interacted with the crowd. Matt the Opener handled himself really well. The middle comic was Dave Smith. He also did a great job dealing with the retarded hecklers in the back. The people who wouldn’t shut the fuck up were celebrating a 40th birthday or something and Smith called them out on acting like fucktards at that age. Smith also did a lot of interaction with the audience.

Jay Oakerson was fucking hilarious. You may know Oakerson as Neil the manager of the Studio Beneath Webster Hall from the series Z Rock that was on IFC. (I have no idea why IFC cancelled a great show like Z Rock. Perhaps it was to make room for Whisker Wars, dreck.) Anyway, as soon as Oakerson got on stage he started riffing on the d bags in the back and challenged them to move up front and two of them did. Now what makes Oakerson a great comic to me is that he just riffed on this guy, granted the guy gave him gold. This loud mouthed man was fifty, supposedly a former male stripper with a black ex-wife who was a model on Star Search. (I know it sounds made up, part of me doesn’t believe a person like that exists.) So Oakerson just basically shit on this guy and within twenty minutes into his set their entire crew walked out of the club, which is actually the length of time Oakerson predicted it would take for them to bail when he first got on stage, very Nostradamus-esque. After they bounced Oakerson continued to interact with the audience. I think he told only one joke of his that I’ve heard before about black girl pussy, the rest of his set was pretty much free flowing on the spot and it was fucking awesome.

Oakerson is one of the rare, few younger comics who are edgy and boundary pushing. God bless him for that. His performance last night showed how fucking good he really is. You can tell he’s not up there saying shit to be shocking or racy and that what he’s saying on stage is really how he honestly thinks and perceives situations. I highly recommend going to see Big Jay Oakerson if you get the chance. Apparently, he’s also started podcasting with Dave Smith and Luis J. Gomez. He also has a comedy album, An American Storyteller. So get with it people, if you want to hear some really funny stuff go get your Big Jay Oakerson on.

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