But Every Other Girl You Meet Is Fugazi

I blame my boy Dave for getting me into this song, the video is retarded though, except for Cardi.

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False Flag

The de-platforming of Alex Jones and InfoWars is obviously a very frightening thing, this goes without saying. I think it is a complete abomination and sickening.

However, I have to say the one thing that brings me joy is that Alex Jones is in the mainstream now.

Five years ago if I mentioned Alex Jones people had no idea who I was talking about.

I love it. It makes me chuckle that he is somebody that is known to my parents now.

I’m not saying I agree or disagree with Jones’ views or that I like him or dislike him, well, I like him, but I love how this banning of him has made him a household name.

Between this and a reality television show presidency, I could not be more enthused about the level of comedy we are living in.

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Be Aggressive, Be, Be Aggressive

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I don’t know what it was exactly, but in conversation yesterday, my memory triggered that once upon a time a guy told me I was “sexually aggressive.” This happened years ago and I did not understand what he meant then and I still don’t.

When he initially said this to me I said, “Are you calling me a rapist?” Sexual aggressiveness seems to have a twinge of forcefulness and as the kids’ say, I’m not about that life. He never really answered my question, he just repeated that I was sexually aggressive.

I would really like an explanation. I am lost. I am aggressive as a person, a bit volatile at times, but I don’t see how this translates into a sexual realm.

I am definitely not a rapist, well, maybe a little bit by Me Too standards, but whatever, we all are a little bit guilty of that.

Oh well, looks like this question will remain unanswered and a mystery.

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Here are this week’s new releases as per Rotten Tomatoes.


Wednesday, August 15

Constance Wu and Michelle Yeoh star in this comedy about a woman who accompanies her boyfriend back to Singapore, only to discover he comes from an ultra-wealthy family and he’s one of the country’s most eligible bachelors.
Directed By: Jon M. Chu
Ruth’s Review: Looks atrocious, but will probably do well at the box office. This will then lead to nothing but Asian cast driven movies.

Friday, August 17

Mile 22(2018)
Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg have worked on three Certified Fresh films together, and they hope to do it again with their latest, about an intelligence operative attempting to smuggle a high-value target out of the country.
Directed By: Peter Berg
Ruth’s Review:  Enough with Mark Wahlberg, the only thing eh was good in was Boogie Nights. Though I do like Peter Berg, I have no idea why he would involve Ronda Rousey in this. The Asian movie will do better than this.
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I Think This Is Turning Into A Problem

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For as long as I can remember I would always make friends with extremely good looking people, not to say that all my friends  have been super hot, but when I meet attractive people who are actually cool and not high maintenance, they seem to get along rather well with me. I always found this fascinating because usually very good looking people only hang out with other equally good looking people, but since I could tolerate them and have some commonality and vice versa we oddly became friends.

The annoying part is that I should not be friends with these people. I should be attracted to them. At first, of course, you think, they’re fine as fuck, but like with anything once you get used to it, you don’t really even notice it. It becomes like scenery. I’m not saying that I would not sill have sex with these people if given the opportunity, but there’s no real lusting after them, no heat. The part that tickles me is that other people will comment on how good looking they are and I’m shrugging like sure, I guess so. They are now known to me in a different context and I don’t really care.

I really have to stop doing this friends with hot people thing because I think that’s what sets me up to end up banging out some, well to be polite, less than eye appealing people. In the past, I have definitely nailed some good looking people, but they are usually a few times and I’m over it situation. (Trust me, I’ve also had some piggish one-offs as well.) As I reflect, it seems that I always get caught up in somebody with eccentricities, to put it mildly. Though, again, in reflection, I cringe at some of the people that I once deemed interesting, with age I realize they are total duds.

Why can’t I be normal and go after people with looks or money? Why must I find those with unconventional personalities to be to my liking? It’s really annoying. Perhaps this is because I’m a bit of an oddball myself. I guess the most interesting thing I’ve noticed is that I find myself less and less attracted to people because everything and everyone is becoming so sterile and corporate. People think they have original thoughts, but they don’t. There really isn’t anybody that’s out there that is changing up the game. It’s a lot of carbon copy, wishy-washy, regurgitated talking points. Maybe I should just start fucking the hot people since nobody has substance anymore, I might as well go for style.


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