Head for the Hills

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Why are they rebooting The Hills?

The reason it was interesting in the first place was that it was a bunch of single, vapid, young, hot twenty-somethings spread against a back drop of beaches, palm trees, shopping, lunching and clubbing.

Nobody is interested in watching a bunch of married with children, vapid, less hot then they were, thirty-somethings maneuver through Los Angeles. If they did, they would tune into the Real Housewives franchise.

And why are Mischa Barton and Pamela Anderson’s and Tommy Lee’s son involved?

I loved the original, but this doesn’t even remotely interest me.

MTV really is grasping at straws. So sad, since they were actually cutting edge once.

Guess the ratings will be the judge.

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I had a girl I work with ask me, “Not to be in your business, but are you married? Dating?”

This made me laugh. Nope to both, thank God!

I’m a weird specimen of a human being. I want to be normal in many things, but I’m just not.

What I really wanted to explain to her is that even though I am quite the catch, I am very annoying in a variety of ways.

The best way to describe the reason for my single status is due to me being just like a jingle.

At first you think, hey it’s a little annoying but tolerable, then you actually get into it and find it catchy and it ends with you hating it so much that you get very angry anytime you hear it.

I’m the jingle.

All I said was that I’m good, though the jingle analogy really drives it all home.

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Five More Days

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I know I’m ready. Legit way too fat for this, but don’t care.

I should just pay for the dual citizenship and call it a day.

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The Reality of the Situation

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Something very strange has happened to the men in this country. I don’t even want to say that it is a sissy-ing up but almost like a sickness. In the last month, I have had two men tell me that they want a reality show.

So bizarre.

I can remember being in my very early twenties, before everything was a reality show and thinking I probably could have one, but would never want one since it would ruin the rest of my life. (This was in my heavy drinking and slutting days when I was fun.)

I just think it is weird that middle-aged men would want this or actually verbalize it. Reality shows are for broads and gay guys.

I think this sickness has infiltrated most of the country, everybody wants fame and fast cash. Are these people not looking around at all the celebrities and rich people who have sever substance abuse problems, mental health issues or suicidal tendencies?

Who wants to be famous? In the words of the great Trick Daddy, “Fuck fame, I’m out o get paid.”

Having money does not solve your problems, but it make may worries go by the wayside.

I just hope this sickness gets a cure, sooner rather than later.

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