Sunday Morning Sun-Showers

The sky was darkened everywhere by rain clouds except for one strip that was illuminated by the sun. The rain was steady. This was my paradise. I could finally walk the city streets. They were desolate. There was not a single living thing in my path. It was like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie and it was heavenly.

The one beam of sun was aggravating. It reminded me of paintings I had seen in museums with fat people in Grecian garbs looking at one fat person that with extended hand had a ray of light that was pushing through clouds touching the fingertips. It was far too Godly for me though I suppose appropriate as it was a Sunday.

The rain was as warm as the air. Although it was early November in New England it felt like it was mid-August. The humidity and the precipitation were a perfect combination.

As I continued on my path to nowhere I noticed the garbage on the streets. It looked like the roads had a hangover from too much partying on the night before. Pizza boxes, fast food containers and the crown jewel, a used condom flopped on the street as if the person must’ve fucked a girl on the side of the road, opened his car window and just plopped his used prophylactic on the ground.

It was so jarring. I imagined that if I was some hipster artist I would attempt to incorporate this into some sort of show. I could imagine a person of that ilk taking a picture of the condom every day as it slowly deteriorated and showing his final photos in some gallery in Brooklyn. However, I’m not that person, thankfully. I’m the person that wants to know the backstory to how the condom got there and would love to find the person who discarded it in such a manner and shove it up his asshole. I’m that person, spiteful and full of anger.

The sun was starting to overtake the clouds. It was like a bad Biblical metaphor. Well, it was a Sunday.

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Social Media Makes Me Sick

I think we should just get rid of all forms of social media. It makes me sick. Why? Well, because it has really exposed so many guys that I’m friends with as being sissies.

I don’t ever look at people’s timelines because I don’t care but I happened upon one of a guy that I know and that I like.

I never thought he was namby-pamby. He’s actually rather affable. His Facebook page might be one of the corniest things I’ve ever seen. It made me want to puke. He comes off like some effeminate poof. It was so gay, filled with platitudes and retarded videos that are supposedly humorous.

Yuck, it made me want to puke.

This dumb page has ruined this person for me. I have lost respect for this total dandy.

I blame the WInklevoss twins. They let that fruitcake Zuckerberg steal their idea and turn it into a henhouse of softness.

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Preferential Treatment

Some people have a preference when it comes to the type of people they are attracted to. I’m not necessarily talking about body type here, but more of body skin tone. So my questions is this, it is acceptable to have an inclination to a body type but is it unacceptable to deny an entire race? Basically, it’s not that you are racist per se, it is more that your private parts are?

I think that this is probably more prevalent in women than men. I feel like for most men, pussy is pussy, doesn’t matter if it is white, black, brown, red, yellow or whatever. I think if pussy presents itself, a guy is going to go for it. Example, a black guy I know does not really like white women, he doesn’t really think they’re attractive. However, I’ve seen white girls all over him and so he will then fuck them. Apparently dicks are colorblind.

Now, I think women, who are far more finicky to begin with, are more racist. Like, straight up, I don’t believe I have ever found an Asian guy attractive, to be fair, I don’t really think Asian girls are attractive either. This is precisely why I’ve never fucked and Asian, male or female. Now, is it a preference or is it my pussy being racist?

To be fair, I’ve fucked black and brown but the guys I’m more into are white boys. To be more specific, I like white guys who are about 15 years older than me. I know, can you believe it? White. Straight. Cisgender. Male. My dream guys is every SJW’s nightmare. Long live the patriarchy!

So is it racist or just a predilection to a certain type of skin color?

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Dried Up

We are currently experiencing a drought in Massachusetts. It is at the point where all outside water use is prohibited. This seems reasonable. Well, it seems reasonable to me because I’m not a selfish asshole unlike a plethora of idiots that reside near me.

You don’t need to water your shitty lawn.

You don’t need to water your stupid flowers.

You don’t need to water your ridiculous vegetable garden.


You do need water to live. You know, to drink, to eat and to maintain hygiene.

Why do you have sprinklers running? May I add, on a morning that there was actually some rainfall? What the fuck you inconsiderate, self-absorbed fool? I wanted to call the city and report this buffoon but I’m not a rat.

It is the end of September in New England. Who cares about your landscaping? It’s all going to turn to shit in a few weeks, just let your lawn dry out. Fuck it!

I am appalled at how these lawbreakers have the gall to waste perfectly good water supplies on nonsense. This is precisely why Communism does not work!

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