It’s Not So Much The Fatso Aspect

Last week it was announced that there would be a live-action Barbie movie which sounds horrendous. Along with this Hollywood declaration, there was an even more disturbing revelation, that Amy Schumer may be tapped to play the role of Barbie.

Of course, the people freaked out and started berating her for being fat and that she could not fill Barbie’s stilettos. Now, it is rather obvious that Schumer is indeed far too rotund to ever take on this role, but her fatness is not what irked me.

The problem with having her be Barbie is that she is far too old. I’m saying this as an old lady. Schumer is pushing forty. Barbie is a twenty-something. I’m sorry but I can’t suspend disbelief.

If Schumer looked younger, perhaps this would not be an issue but she is a prime example of how heavy drinking is not good for one’s system. Again, I say this as an elderly fatty who used to drink hardcore. If she does not stop partaking in the spirits she will have Hillary Clinton face within the next five years. (Though perhaps as an I’m With Her enthusiast, this is the look she’s going for.)

Regardless, the fact remains that she is too aged to be Barbie and that is the real problem with this potential casting choice.

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Keeping My Fingers Crossed

sign outside Comet pizza

My friends want to take me out for my birthday tonight and I’m really hoping they plan the festivities at Comet Ping Pong.


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It’s Very Expensive

Marie is my idol!

Funniest part of the movie!

By the way, they were actually really polite to that low budget street trash.

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Upon my arrival back home from spending several days in the Sunshine State I am now trying to understand why I live up North.

I am frozen to the core.

I am never going to make it through this winter. We are getting snow as soon as tomorrow morning.

I think this trip has been the decision maker. I have bellyached for years but now I think I will finally have the gumption to make my move to warmer climates.

These New England weather conditions just wont do.

By the way, the photo above is from Hawaii, is anywhere safe from this demonic weather?

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